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Robbie Edmonds

Flommist Robbie Edmonds would love to sit down with you and discuss his theories of mind-swapping and time travel, but it appears as if he, as his cat, just left to stop himself from doing so ... AGAIN!

derTung_teammondrian01Robbie Edmonds
Tue 18 Apr 2017


Everybody has a favorite sandwich. Teddy likes sandwiches, and he wants all sandwiches to be the same. Mostly. Piet makes a great


derTung_ObamaBurgerDreamRobbie Edmonds
Mon 27 Feb 2017

i can make a better burger, cept not as fast

I had a dream I was eating pizza in what are now the long ago days with Barack and Warren Beatty came


derTung_LOVEisRobbie Edmonds
Tue 14 Feb 2017

be you

  “What IS that, eh? It’s heading this way …”   “I don’t think it’s Blue Meanies, Jeremy …”   “Not blue,


dertung_2016noRobbie Edmonds
Tue 27 Dec 2016

enuff already, 2016

We get it: You WILL go down as the crappiest year to date, a real pisser as far as units of time


5150drink_01Robbie Edmonds
Thu 4 Aug 2016

caffeine, insanity, glue, cereal, and the cannibals

Just found 51 FIFTY. Buck fifty at Grocery Outlet. Savemart/Lucky Stores apparently have stopped carrying it locally because of the perceived negative



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