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Louis Warfield

Flom­mist Louis Warfield is a fabrication specialist who runs the award-winning Rhino Design Studio, “You dream it, we’ll build it.”

Louis Warfield
Mon 1 Jan 2018

most memorable new years

US Coast Guard Base Galveston: 31 December 31 1978 Right out of boot, I went out on the town with a seaman


Louis Warfield
Mon 25 Dec 2017

re: ‘the war on christmas’

In case you thought that the Christmas tree controversies in the United States is a modern thing brought on by non-Christians: Most


Louis Warfield
Fri 3 Nov 2017

dearest republicans,

Like the Phoenix, may you rise from the ashes of your dying party and return to the glory that was Roosevelt and


Louis Warfield
Thu 19 Oct 2017

conquerors of women

Dear Ladies, When I look at all the #metoos, I think back on my life and my relationships with men. Men that


Louis Warfield
Tue 15 Aug 2017

winter is coming

musings from the bathtub The only difference between pre-WWII Germany and the US now is that the German citizens turned a blind



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