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Louis Warfield

Flom­mist Louis Warfield is a fabrication specialist who runs the award-winning Rhino Design Studio, “You dream it, we’ll build it.”

derTung_thecityLouis Warfield
Mon 20 Mar 2017

so they can write it off

These knuckle heads have had since 1993 when Hillary first proposed healthcare to figure out an alternative. Jesus H Christ 24 YEARS!


dertung_donaldduckLouis Warfield
Tue 15 Nov 2016

dear donald,

Thank you. Thank you for exposing the worst side of America. Thank you for showing the world something they have know all


derTung_AudreyHepburn01Louis Warfield
Thu 25 Aug 2016

all the rage

I have a challenge for the women of the world. Yes, that means you.   When you get up tomorrow, wear a


derTung_HanSoloLouis Warfield
Wed 15 Jun 2016

why I like to shoot guns

I like to shoot guns for the same reason I like to throw darts, a rock, a frisbee, horseshoes, a stick, a


derTung_JewishFamilyLouis Warfield
Tue 14 Jun 2016

the empathic response

To my LGBT friends, I am so sorry there is so much hate aimed at you. To my female friends, I am


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