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objective reality v. trumpworld

“I know that this isn’t the kind of story that’s easy for most voters to follow and understand, but it’s also way more important than any of the crazy, dumb things that have happened at the RNC this week. I’ve criticized Trump from the beginning and have always thought his candidacy is dangerous, but his interview comments about NATO commitments are the first time that I have truly been terrified about the prospect of his presidency.

“What Trump is saying here goes way beyond Republican v. Democratic politics and the campaign. He is either opposed to or does not understand the security regime that has prevented major international conflict in Europe for seventy years. This is should be seen as fundamentally disqualifying from a non-partisan perspective.”
Mitch Park

So in 3 full days of the #RNCinCLE did you hear even one plan, one idea, one atom of a scheme for how to take the country forward?

Today is the final day, you’d have figured it would have come up by now right?

Instead we’ve gotten speaker after speaker saber-rattling and seething with what can now only be called a pathological hatred for Hillary Clinton.

An endless smorgasbord of waved red rags to an arena filled chockablock with bulls that benefited generally more from the American late 20th century economic boom than any other demographic and who are now *furious* that … well, pick one: It’s gays, it’s black people, it’s Obama, it’s women, it’s taxes being used to pay for something other than bombers.

It’s been a referendum on what we keep hearing were a disastrous 8 years in spite of a wealth of math and real data that says totally otherwise.

We’ve talked time and again how there are two Americas but from the look of what’s happening in Cleveland this week I’m not even sure these people inhabit the same planet.

They have lived off such a steady constant diet of nonsense for so long that all the bad facts and lies create their own contained ecosystem. Kind of like a conspiracy website where all the links to evidence just point to other pages on the same site.

No wonder Trump’s ridiculous wall seems like such a great idea to these people; it will match the one they built between themselves and objective reality like a decade-plus ago.

—jason malmberg

Flommist Jason Malmberg is a simple man who believes in brown liquor and small dogs. He also makes art sometimes. Copyright © 2016 Jason Malmberg. Foto via NY Daily News.

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Der Tung
Thu 21 Jul 2016

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