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 chunks of flommus 

open mic 4.23: speaking in words

Karouac was on the road to Stockton, Jo

Dave’s not here

                         Dave took 5

Benjamin Holt
Johnny Weir
Jack and Allen
with Burroughs


Jules Feiffer ate half his lunch at The Haggin

no one expected him            no one at all

Waiting for 4.23 to begin

No communication and The Two Young Ones smoke to much inspiration

It’s back and forth stuff, Jo

Back and forth until Iggy Pop shows up with his Parrot

the art of the monologue     just tell Ed when to laugh, Johnny

                         Eddie Murphy was 15

at the Open Mic

                         Stand up for your self

at the Open Mic

                         You have a generation to defend

at the Open Mic

                         Show you care about your art

at the Open Mic

                         BTW     texting allowed

at the Open Mic

Multitask while tradition is surpassed by modern

All the benefits of no homework for a week


The Town Crier said $&@’%#!! on Monday afternoon

It’s called Effective Communication

It’s back and forth stuff, Jo

Like Brazilian and jazz

You have good words

If you misspell and fuck up the occasion

One should know
Kerouac, Ginsberg, Björk and Jim Morrison

with Pius Paul and Eugenius Vulgarius
Dan Rather said a thing or two

Roger Waters
spilled something on the Wall
causing much unrest
in Pollardville

Anyone have paper towels?

Mother Functions

Timing     Drama     Storytelling     Improv

I have a dream
and a bag of chips

Show up if you can handle poetry in hip hop political harmony

If you’re a true Flommist, you’ll show naturally

And figure out why is it worth talking about

I dare you 2

Any músik?
((So German CAN BE spoken with a Spanish accent))

Okay so everything’s cool just waiting on Ryan’s truck and we’ll buck up later

Get tattooed while partying with Big Teeth and The Funky Bunch

Forever change your view of art
It has a different smell

Wake up and smell the art
want bee flommitising
Yo get down wit dis     I dare you!

Lions and tigers

Peace to the treaty

5 valve shower, man



Flom­mist Rone is a caring native Californian who chases dreams in many forms. A golden mind, a golden life. Living currently in the now! Copyright © 2016 Rone.

OPEN MIC this weekend at FLOMM’s NorCal 4.23 event – join us!

Top photo by Flommist Kristen Valentine Buechler, with Bob Denver as Maynard G. Krebs and Audrey Hepburn as Jo Stockton in Funny Face (1957).

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Der Tung
Tue 19 Apr 2016

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