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zeitgeist historical

your last 13 days been like this…

oct 31
> North Korea nuclear site collapsed killing 200
> Manhattan NY Terror Truck
> Assange calls out CIA for funding terror
> Twitter Google & FB appear before congress

+nov 1

+nov 2
> Twitter admits to censorship of the podesta email leaks (2 days after appearing before congress)
> Denver shooting
> Brazille in media ousting clinton

++nov 3
> Wikileaks DDOS
> Soros fund manager Howie Rubin arrested for sex trafficking
> POTUS twitter hack
> Somali Airstrike

+++nov 4
> Mass Saudi arrests of corruption 30 princes more to come (Alwaleed bin talal main focus)

++++nov 5
> Saudi Copter Crash
> Texas Church Shooting
> Paradise Papers leak
> Up to 12 sealed indictments at capitol

+++++nov 6
> All 7 US carriers in operation/ seven dwarfs
> Massive internet/comms outage reported
> Saudi’s confiscated $billions after arrests
> Fat Leonard Scandal breaks

++++++nov 7
> Leaked Israeli cable outlines attempt to provoke war alongside SA
> 17 Indictments
> Weinstein Black Cube/Feldman NYPD
> DNC Leak Investigation
> Buzzfeed sued for publishing dossier
> Assange tweets UN”TIED” STATES
> FBI RAIDS MEDCURE a body broker company with 5 USA locations whom is donated and sells body parts
> New FBI director Wray states ‘this place is worse than we thought’

+++++++nov 8
> “Jet Set Debt Collectors” Report $2 Trillion in pending claims around globe for SUPER RICH
> POTUS pulls a swim move on DMZ
> DOJ demands Movement of CNN in ANti-Trust involving AT&T
> U.S. subpoenas Icahn over BIOFUEL
> Obama Reports for Jury Duty (PHIL__BO_EXT_ 2 days prior)
> Orthodox tension in Jerusalem, Israel
> Cuba embargo Strengthened after attack on US representative

++++++++nov 9
> New JFK FILES RELEASE *13,213 more
> Vault 8
> Comet Ping Pong under investigation
> Indictment rumors out the ASS
> Macron to SA amid chaos
> China reveals hypersonic strike aircraft
> Russia Accident Pollution report from FRENCH NUCLEAR SAFETY INSTITUTE; significant quantity of Ruthenium 106, claiming plausible zone of release of lies between The Urals river and the Volga river which is a large swath of land straddling the RUSIA KAZAKHSTAN BORDER
> Ex Facebook President ousts FB as exploiting human psychology.

+++++++++nov 10
> Investigators question Netanyahu again
> ISIS hacks radio sweden
> TSA failing 80% undercover tests
> Homeland warns of weaponized drones/aviation threats
> Saudi orders citizens out of lebanon
> Self Driving bus crashes
> Toulouse Terror
> Trump/China Trade deal/NK support
> APEC SUMMIT Commencement
> Mueller Flynn implications in media Flynn lawyers scoff at reports
> Prosecutors admit destroying key emails in assange case
> Bin Laden half brother arrested

++++++++++nov 11
> Charlotte air traffic controlled arrested accused of having a WMD
> SA escalations with Iran, jets scramble
> Russia scandal befalls John & Tony Podesta, Podesta Group Epic Collapse
> NASA testing lasers in latest test launch
> ISIS Philippines factions threaten POTUS
> 4-day Joint OP W/ SK on E Coast of peninsula
> US & Russia call for U.N. Supervised elections in syria

[feed interrupted by Dancing With The Stars semifinals]

is today a tuesday?
my favorite day of the week.
probably the scorpio in me…
mars day. consistently been my best days. been feeling the vibes heavy on twos dayz…

that ag sessions testimony…
boy they are fighting…
this is my mma geakout moment!

event is here…
enjoy the ride!

just giving folks a heads up…
history being written in front of our eyes…
we will see how plays out…
stay safe stay alert…
everything is not like it seems…

love light and good juju


Flommist Brian-Anthony is a former artist, craftsman and designer turned part time law student via YouTube and Google, works at a print shop, full time father, all around Good Samaritan, enjoys a fine sativa, reading and Arizona Green Tea. Copyright © 2017 Brian-Anthony.

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