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this will always be this?

As a human I feel responsible to speak up about the atrocities we face as a species.

We evolved in such a sense with emotions and thoughts consciously able to perceive our world but have forgotten the core of it we are still animals.

We commit heinous acts sometimes. We hurt others.

In largely, in the name of self.

I know even I am possible and capable at all times to do such things but pretending like I can’t or that part of me doesn’t exist only disguises the ugly.

Often times as the more you disguise it the more it grows.

People are afraid. We have always been afraid. Specifically of ourselves. To state that we may fail or that we are not 100% what we believe we should be.

We are terrified. We preserve our egos so well because as a living organism the only way to strive is by witnessing our achievements make something of us.

We are creatures who hope to create while we endlessly destroy – which is ironic.

If only we could see it as the cycle of life. If only we could see that accepting our faults and failures could lead us further.

But we have built a society where there is no turning point. This will always be this?

But have we not learned from evolution? Have we not seen the power of one thought and what it can create?

There’s a bigger understanding to be had. And we can’t have it if we keep our mouths shut,
our eyes closed,
and our ears deaf.
We can’t have understanding if we, as humans, don’t feel responsible to touch the things we have decided must be left untouchable.

—alley scheffki

Flommist Alley Scheffki is 23 years young, ‘I am the blue rose. Dies ist ein wunsch für freiheit.’ Copyright © 2016 Alley Scheffki.

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Der Tung
Wed 26 Oct 2016

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