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photographed by   KAYLAH HAMMER
styling and compositions by   STEVE MEHALLO
staging by   KEVIN HARBAUGH
{shirts, accessories, prints}
available thru  FLOMMHAUS
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Clockwise from top – Flomm game villains on dark tees:

Points! (with villain name typeset on back) and TAR! airships flying in formation on front and back (back shown);

Flomm hero on light heather tee: Positavo Motiv (back shown)

Flomm hero shirt: TRÊS on a value tee (front shown), with hero name/text on back

VELOCIÉ 24: The Flomm racecar – basic design on front, deco-styled text on back

The Flomm D’EVOCATUR on an off-white tee, with text on back;

XL light-coloured Flomm Words on Shirts tee: die letzten tag der menschheit type overlaying a textured Flomm villain cloud on front, with additional villain cloud on back (partially shown) – also available on dark

Bright white FULL FRONTAL tee – part of the Flomm Words on Shirts collection

Big Blue Kunst – hand-painted blue lettering custom-printed on a light tee – part of the Flomm Words on Shirts collection – Kunst variant also available in red

Die Maschinen! value tee with blackletter text on front, collage on back

Flomm game villain: The menacing E. Severenus, front, with villain name typeset on back

Detail, clockwise: Machinery collage from Die Maschinen! shirt; Villain cloud from die letzten tag der menschheit, available on light or dark;

Inset: The BOSS Villain of FLomm: The ThWINGh, front, with villain name typeset on back

Tall Modern typography on light coloured, oversized tee – part of the Flomm Words on Shirts collection







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FLOMM is a MODERN ART game app    art history resource    faux historical art movement
                                          that uses new media to generate interest in art history and education

FLOMM is a Trademark of Steve Mehallo, Elk Grove California 95758 USA. Copyright © Steve Mehallo. All rights reserved. FLOMM IS A SUPPORTER OF NON-VIOLENT ARTS EDUCATION.

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