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“Although it is an honor to be nominated by my peers for Artist of the year, live performer and emcee I will not be participating in any capacity this year. I have asked to be removed from all fliers, banners and promotional tools with my image on it for the SAMMIES. I will not help promote, I will not perform or boost traffic for anything associated with Sacramento News & Review – SN&R at this time. Please, don’t vote for me and I will be notifying SN&R to take me off the ballot this year. Thank you for your continued support and love.”
Anthony Giovnini, Sparks Across Darkness

His name is Joseph Mann. He was murdered.

While I am not SAMMIE nominated and do not speak for the artists involved, I can tell you that this boycott* is the symptom of a much larger disease. There is a severe lack of diversity in newsrooms around the country and our city has fallen victim.

Make no mistake, this boycott is not a gripe against the SAMMIE nomination process or a shot in any way at the promoters. It is the undeniable scream of people that do not feel heard. Specifically black and brown people. I know from talking to many of you and watching social media that this is the first time you’ve heard this scream. I encourage you to listen.

I want to encourage the white artists (and non-artists) taking part. You are important. Your voice is needed and welcomed. I’m here if I can help support your allyship efforts, but we must recognize that far more important than our voices or feelings is that people of color stand in the front and lead this conversation. We must support them. There are beautiful, amazing leaders in this community already doing this work. Support them. BlackLivesMatter Sacramento is a great place to start.

We’re talking about the unwarranted murders of black and brown people. Not your feelings about an award show.

His name is Joseph Mann. He was murdered.

This is about justice and representation.

I’m proud of you Sacramento, the music scene and this generation of young people. Keep digging. Keep pushing. The world is watching.

Black Lives Matter. Black Journalists Matter. Representation Matters.

Have a good day.

—andru defeye

*So far I know of The Philharmonik, Hobo Johnson, Write or Die, Tel Cairo, and Sparks Across Darkness boycotting the SAMMIES this year due to the killer cop cover story and subsequent actions. Have I missed anyone?

Flommist Andru Defeye is the Guerrilla Poet Laureate of Sacramento. Copyright © 2018 Andru Defeye. Pictured: Joseph Mann, family photograph as posted at

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Der Tung
Thu 11 Jan 2018

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