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“This is the dude and the truck ^. We countered them in PDX, they moved to Vancouver, and anti fascists of many varieties followed. After their really finished, groups broke off. I wound up with a group of others, chasing out 7 white supremacists who wanted to get violent but were outnumbered. As we walked, chasing them out, maybe 100 of our side total, 15 or 20 militants, this big ass, jacked up truck started pulling through the crowd (not leaving, by the way, going TOWARD the dispersing crowd). Someone threw a water bottle at it. Driver started laughing maniacally. Threw it im reverse, and hit his musical.horn, that played Dixie. Crowd split to either side. I leapt behind a volkswagen, shouting ‘get behind cars and trees!’ He traversed at high speed 2 blocks, stopped at the intersection, staring us down, revving his engine and playing that dixie horn, for about 2 minutes. It was a VERY clear threat. He then pulled around the corner to head off the other branch of protestors and was arrested. 10 minutes later. #resist #antifa

On the other side, have you ever tried asking the white supremacist for *his* point of view when he’s running you over with his truck?

I’m just saying that both sides deserve to be aired. If you truly believe in your cause then you have nothing to fear from letting him express himself as your body is crushed under his rear axle.

Also Martin Luther King quote or whatever.

—jason malmberg

Flommist Jason Malmberg is a simple man who believes in brown liquor and small dogs. He also makes art sometimes. Copyright © 2017 Jason Malmberg.

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Der Tung
Sun 10 Sep 2017

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