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       My definition of FLOMM is from 1923 when a creation of a new subject of modern art trend started.  FLOMM was an obscure, short-lived, modern art movement that was anti-classic and about people expressing their own idea’s, and they’re style more artisticly. And with guns.

       THE FLOMM’s held the honure of creating the worlds first VIDEO GAME, even before the word “VIDEO” even actually existed.  FLOM was created using film loups, primitive sound effecks, objects, colouring books, creation of graphics, cirtptic words, “Mon Taghe”, THEO von DOSBURG and MOHOLY NAGE’s symbolics.  Imagination was a big part of FLOMM because it was to take something existing & transform it with details to fit the needs of someone/ something else.

       International and social criseses of the time emboldened FLOMM artists to go farther – to learn something NEW, to POUR this creativity into colour, shape, pattern etc!

       Our teacher gave us this handout, which we cant read and ran it on something called a dito machine which has something to do with the movie GHOST.  says i can also download my own PDF copy or BUY ONE  for Chrissakes   even without Patrick Swaysey I still cant read it.

       Futura’s Marinetti was into food such as perfumised sculptured baloney with violet rays and ozoned aeoli and aerosol cheese (an American invention) and a manifesto said so and the FLOM’s inspired this (though there was nevver proof eitherway) they ended up creating a hybrid of SOYBEANS that was weapons-grade (in 1921 or 23 or much earlier in time) long before GMO’s were used by Agent Orange in the Vietnam War!  Cocained cola and cheese triangles were also used but they really found the espresso can power anything (like watermelon dazzled shields), and this is why the government did everything they could to keep strong coffee off the breakfust tables of Americans during the Atom Age.  Perculators made the coffee week and it wasn’t until Peets and Starbuck and Apollo realized people were cold that strong expresso went mainstream and biofuels were for ALL the masses!  Food is POWER! GARLIC can not only power your breath it works like an Atomic BOMB!  Dr. Openheimer in Manhattan knew this!  The FLOMS and ITTEN KNEW THIS!! So does MARINETTI and GROUPIUS the NEU gib was also maybee a thing but not while it was not a part but later then, said Lissitstky.

       In there process, the FLOM’s found an evil personality called the THWINGH (BOSS).  The THWINGH did not like anything new, he hated it in fact.  Due to the fact that he was very sad individual, he (specifically) bankrolled the World with his ideas.  He did not like anyone else’s idea’s because he did not want to know about it.  When ppl say “they did it this way,” the THEY were the ppl controlled by The THWING!  He did things the people (especially FLOMM’ses) didn’t like.  If people didn’t like what he did, he did it anyway.  And he made them pay for not liking his ideas.  His requirements became the bande of existance for everyday life.  He ruined people just like he is RUINED.  He conveys a feeling of FEAR and hopelessness.  He was controlling and needs THERAPY.

       The THWINGH used powerful busnesses, propaganda and upgraded lobbying to hone and create traditional “CONVENTION” where everyone who lived would think his ideas were great and try to be just like him.  The THWINGh decided what people wore, what they purchased and what they belived in. He paved the way for the world today.  He believes ppl should wake up really early (to work for HIM) and NOT hit SNOOZE!!  He makes people line up the addresses in the little envelop window when paying their bills AND CHARGES MOAR if you pay online! He LOVES when you SHOP!  He created whole MALLS just so people can separate themselves from MONEY.  So he could be MOAR POWERFUL!  IF you question or destroy a mall, he would find you! It is said his heart is a peice of COAL and his blood is CRUDE OIL and he has to get transfusions every month which is why gas prices are ALWAYS so high!  In 1923, he also dated someone named Ethel  (??  idk WHY that’s relevant )    His propaganda messages hit home EVERYWHEAR on signs, in movies, on lightposts, on biassed cablenews & on banner ads.  The THWING CREATED BANNER ADS!!  Can you believe it?!  I’m not so shure about that one.

       THE FLOMMM’S new this data and were really angry about it.  Max Rothman’s friend George Grosz was ANGRY too and he would eventually de-generate.

       Other art movements at the time;* such as DADA;* saw an end to art.  And FLOM pushed on embodying the ideas of the FUTURISTS and CONSTRUCTIVISTS in challenging the meaty oaker booge wahzees, supporting the AVANT GUARD’S, fighting for the sake of THE NEW.

       Unfortunately, people who are in charge of the the ART WORLD did not see it this way because they felt that FLOMM should behave and there inspiration was pastiche they said FLOMM was “superfisical at best,” and compared FLOMM to REALLY BAD THINGS like one-ply TOILET PAPER, eating HORSES, and the MATTHEW BRODERICK GODZILLA. They said it just didn’t have the variety that it needed to be as good as VON DOSBURG and MOHOLY NAGE – and they turned on VON DOESBURG anyway because he was diagonal.

       The other artist’s thought that FLOMM was a MONO CROMATIC made up idea for the purpose of there own PROPAGANDA. The idea that one person or persons could control and buy off EVERYONE and keep them in DEPT so THEY can get them to do things that aren’t good for ppl would never happen it’s crazy!  They said the FLOMMs were fighting against a foe that really was only in their minds.

       FLOMM was never really considered an ART MOVEMENT — like the surrealists or the cubists or the BAUHOUSES or * (idk) drawing a blank *  – but it held on for as long as it could, working to reinvent the world — using gaming as a metaphor for life as we all now it.

       I am genuinely interested in FLOMM and am glad it is back so I can fight the THWING Oily Gark who made my life hard.  I might be really off with that definition, but I don’t want to get it wrong.

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