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inferior artists

“The greater the artist,
the greater the doubt.
Perfect confidence is granted
to the less talented as a consolation prize.”
Robert Hughes

“The problem with the world
is that the intelligent people
are full of doubts,
while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”
Charles Bukowski


                              i t breaks my heart to realize what we are as artists – 

creators – 

made to feel inferior in this world.

                          e ven though within our contribution to society are the foundations of life. This is where we all started. We all were once forced to create everything we had.

                        a s progress continues, less and less of us create. Because someone else could – then machines could – now we are lost.

                      w e are becoming something within our machines – what we call The Internet. We are now obsessed with what we can create there, generate there.

                    w ithin that universe, people can’t see through the two sides of the mirror. Our physical reality and world still exists, outside.

                  w hat is behind this is the destruction of human existence. There are those who are unable to see that our creation of this false world will destroy our physical world – and both worlds will die.

                w hat we have been given is supposed to be maintained, fixed, or repurposed. Our continuum of  Get New  – needed or not – then discarded is a terrible product of our society, which is treated just the same.

              a nd we do it to humans – to real people, to real artists creating reality in our physical world.

“It’s a terrible thing we do – oh!
Look, I got a new follower on Instagram.”


            i  admit my own guilt in this as I have been sucked in for a time or many. I am trying to go in on a branch, to touch those inside who are sucked in.

            t o generate purpose and open the blinders – take off the masks we wear.

                 a llow us to come back, and see what we are doing.

                        t o provide hope and voice that we can in this destruction and still fix it – still create it.

                                 t his is the biggest challenge in a society that silences the most honest voices.

—alley scheffki

Flommist Alley Scheffki is 21 years young, ‘I am the blue rose. Dies ist ein wunsch für freiheit.’ Copyright © 2016 Alley Scheffki.

Photo of a photo originally taken by Danielle Steers.

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Tue 16 Feb 2016

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