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grindhouse, pollack-level splatter

I didn’t want to see Logan (2017).

I don’t even really love comic book movies. I enjoy them well enough when I am watching them but to me it’s more like enjoying a fireworks display. It’s fun and all but largely doesn’t do much to stay with me or resonate past that first viewing.

I had zero interest in seeing Logan and when I saw the first trailers I was like “what are there, 20 of these fucking things now?” Then a week ago I read the Ain’t it Cool review and that kind of turned me around and I’m really glad it did.

Everything I generally don’t care about in comic flicks is absent in Logan and everything that is absent in those flicks that I miss is present. In fact, this is really in many, many, many ways a grindhouse flick and I don’t just say that because of its (wonderfully) high body count or Pollack-level splatter. It has the same sense of melancholic lonely lurch embedded in it that defines some of the best grindhouse films. It feels like Rolling Thunder with a budget and a wider scope. In fact from the opening (probably digital) optical white titles I was piqued. But this isn’t just stylistically grindhouse, though the naturalistic lighting and tone definitely feel like a nod in that direction.

It’s also very much attuned to that feeling of present ambient dread, a thread that runs through this flick both in the sub and supertext.

Verdict is I am pretty well blown back. This was my favorite superhero movie since Unbreakable (2000) and feels a relevant piece to two other movies from the last twelve months that also feel cut from the grindhouse cloth: Last year’s Green Room and last week’s Get Out.

This is a hard, hard R-rated adult superhero movie about people, and if you removed all the superheroic powers from the story (a pistol in place of claws) you’d still have a great, great movie.

—jason malmberg

Flommist Jason Malmberg is a simple man who believes in brown liquor and small dogs. He also makes art sometimes. Copyright © 2017 Jason Malmberg.

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Fri 3 Mar 2017

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