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 chunks of flommus 

Mon 25 Sep 2017

‘what kind of protest has ever been acceptable?’

Let’s all take a really good look at this photo. Like really drink it in: This is of course a picture of


Mon 25 Sep 2017

the fuzzy duck

Left,     right,       left, right                     ··· keep your balance ···                                       steady, now ···                          doin’ fine,         Left,             right,               left,         right                     ··· mind yer posture


Sun 24 Sep 2017

how to get motivated and fly

I am often asked where I get my thinspiration. What do I listen to on the elliptical? On the bench where all


Sat 23 Sep 2017

powerful sound

  We are all vibrations … mannnn … catch the vibes … mannnn …       —brian-anthony Flommist Brian-Anthony is a


Fri 22 Sep 2017


  dig dag uerre where où knew né     the sun, shines the moon, glows   the  way imprint of reflection refraction    


‘what kind of protest has ever been acceptable?’ via @flommus
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the fuzzy duck via @flommus
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how to get motivated and fly via @flommus #exercise #gym #fitness


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