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anti-clinton conspiracies rebooted

Grampa Malmberg story time kids.

So way back in the mid-1990s, before I became a graphic designer, I worked every kind of unskilled labor job you can imagine.

I worked light construction, warehouse, food service, even day labor. I had a job once where I sanded the edges off windshield glass for 8 hours at a stretch and did nothing else.

When you work jobs like that there was always a radio on and 9 times out of 10 that radio is tuned to right wing talk shows. Limbaugh, Savage, whathaveyou.

This was the golden age of anti-Clinton hysteria and so I heard all the insane ramblings about Vince Foster and the Clinton Body Count (often to the accompaniment of my fellow workers’ grunts and snorts affirming everything they were hearing in real time).

It was all baseless conspiratorial lies and nonsense meant to rile up the embittered white dudes that clung religiously to their talk radio shock gods in the days before Fox News became a thing. It was red meat for the ignorant set that blamed everything on affirmative action and political correctness. In time, all that shit was debunked and the Clinton impeachment failed and the world moved on.

Fast forward
to twenty years later and I now have to listen to all the same lies all over again, but this time they are coming from the mouths and keyboards of allegedly “progressive” 20-somethings, relaying and regurgitating the shit like its some band that was ahead of its time. Like they discovered the fucking Pixies or something.

90s nostalgia in the form of noxious right wing propaganda. It’s absolute garbage, and tons of kids are falling for it. Lies that only ignorant dumbasses believed in their heyday, finding a new life with supposedly enlightened young people.

—jason malmberg

Flommist Jason Malmberg is a simple man who believes in brown liquor and small dogs. He also makes art sometimes. Copyright © 2016 Jason Malmberg. Pictured: The Good Wife.

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Der Tung
Wed 13 Jul 2016

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