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bunny baskets


Our Easter baskets were always made of milk jugs.

We called them bunny baskets.

They were milk jugs cut open on one side, the handle was left to hold it.

We would put construction paper in the indents for the eyes and gave it bunny ears and a nose.

They made perfect bunnies and all the goodies went inside them. My mom would save hundreds of milk jugs for this and donate them to the nearby schools for them to do this craft project too.

They hung in our garage all year on ropes waiting to donate.

And that is one of my favourite Easter memories.

—rose fante

Flommist Rose Fante is a wanderer, “yeah a wanderer, I roam around around around around around …” Copyright © 2017 Rose Fante.

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Der Tung
Sat 15 Apr 2017

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