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an art collective + media art project

a contemporary
interpretation of
the art, design, theories +
counter-theories of the early moderns

FLOMM is an art history-like art movement active to-day because angry modern artists STILL have something to say

like CUBISM     but NOT SQUARE
like SURREALISM             but WOKE
like MONDRIAN         but DIAGONAL
like FUTURISMO     without the MISOGNY
like DADA     but FLOMM

FLOMM is art, design, podcasts, blogs, films, events, games, art history resources, exhibitions, músik, bwargh  • • •

FLOMM WAS BORN* IN 1923 as a game app**
while Modern Art was struggling against the Tyranny of Tradition*** TO-DAY, the battle wages on

FLOMM is a collision between New and Old

Avant Garde vs. Establishment

Innovation vs. Bourgeoisie

The Future vs. The Past

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FLOMM is a MODERN ART game app    art history resource    faux historical art movement
                                          that uses new media to generate interest in art history and education

FLOMM is a Trademark of Steve Mehallo, Elk Grove California 95758 USA. Copyright © Steve Mehallo. All rights reserved. FLOMM IS A SUPPORTER OF NON-VIOLENT ARTS EDUCATION.

flomm social media may contain explicit content foul language, questionable ideas, and art


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